OPCH-05 special protective clothing system

Special ventilation insulating chemical protective clothing

Technical specifications

Speciální souprava ochranného oděvu OPCH-05

The OPCH-05 ventilation chemical insulating suit was developed in cooperation with the companies ECOPROTECT, s.r.o. and MALINA SAFETY, s.r.o. based on requirements of the Czech Army to replace the existing OPCH-90. The suit is designed for use in conjunction with a mask (OM-90).

OPCH-05 is a special protective device of the insulating type intended for multiple use serving to provide skin protection from toxic liquids or vapours, biological warfare agents and radioactive dust.

In conjunction with special filters, a self-contained breathing apparatus or an external air source, the OPCH-05 can also be used during industrial accidents involving release of toxic substances.

The outfit consists of 2 main parts, viz. the clothing and a filtering-venting unit. The OPCH-05 can also be used without the filtering-venting unit (unventilation variant).

The clothing system consists of the following components:

  • Overall with overshoes and a hood with a sealing face flange
  • Rubber gloves
  • Special underwear (two-part)
  • Air manifold with tubes
  • Diaper underpants
  • Cooling garment

The overall, underwear, inner gloves, overshoes, rubber gloves, and cooling garment are available in 3 sizes.

Technical data

OPCH-05 setClothingfilter.-vent. unit
Min. and max. air flow (8 steps) - - 130 to 260 l/min.
Weight (incl. accessories)10,5 kg
(21 kg)
5 kg
(6,5 kg)
5,5 kg
(14,5 kg)
Tolerability during easy work > 12 hrs - -
Tolerability during medium work > 3 hrs - -
Battery operation time per recharge - - > 200 min
Recommended temperature range -30°C to +50°C - -

Times of OPCH-05 resistance to chemical warfare agents (in static conditions) at 30°C:

Soman, Sarin, VX:Protection for a minimum of 8 hours
Yperite:Protection for a minimum of 5 hours

Resistance to selected industrial substances at 25°C:

Sulfuric acid 98%: >480 min
Phosphoric acid: >480 min
Sodium hydroxide: >480 min

OPCH-05 sizes

OPCH-05 sizes (to OM-90 sizes)

The OPCH-05 suit is available in the following 3 sizes:

Size No.Height of stature, cmChest, cm
1162 - 17388 - 108
2174 - 18596 - 116
3186 - 197104 - 124

The following items are also available in the 3 sizes:

ItemSize No.
UnderwearM (1)L (2)XL (3)
Inner gloves20 (1)23 (2)24 (3)
GPCH-85 overshoes123
RPCH-85 gloves123
Cooling garment123
Filtroventilační jednotka


The filtering-venting unit consists of:

  • Venting unit
  • Power source
  • Connection hose (to the clothing and mask)
  • Filters (7 pieces)
  • Rubber filter caps (7 pieces)
  • Fastening straps and back support


Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic – chemical troops