Military protective masks model OM-90

Technical specifications

OM-90 protective mask is a military protective mask. The mask perfectly protects the face, eyes and breathing airways from toxic substances, radioactivity and chemical and biological warfare agents used in the form of gases, airborne particulates or vapours.

The OM-90 protective mask with a suitable protective filter is designed to produce minimal resistance to breathing and, at the same time, provide the user with a high degree of protection. It is very well compatible with weapon systems while maintaining high observational capabilities.


  • Extremely high resistance to the penetration of toxic or otherwise dangerous substances (the face piece is made of bromobutyl rubber).
  • The mask is well tolerated for extended periods of time owing to the design and shape of the sealing flange and low breathing resistance in conjunction with the new filter made of highly resistant plastics.
  • OM-90 ochranná maska
  • The field of vision, optimized by computer simulations, limits user's orientation in the field to a minimal extent only.
  • The design of the protective mask allows corrections of dioptric defects and makes for compatibility with the basic military optical instruments including the CLARA night-vision device.
  • The tempered glass of the eye pieces is highly resistant to impacts and scratches.
  • The device for the intake of liquids allows the user to drink liquids even in contaminated areas.
  • A speech insert makes for easy communication and good verbal comprehensibility.
  • The unit is easy to decontaminate.
  • A rubber/textile fastener makes for an optimum positioning of the mask on user's head.


Key to the OM-90 mask sizes
Size No. Size in mm
vel.1 132 – 140 mm
vel.2 140 – 148 mm
vel.3 148 – 156 mm


  • Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. Apart from military training, the masks were used by chemical troops during their missions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait.
  • Ministry of Defence of Latvia
  • Ministry of Defence of Libya
  • Ministry of Defence of Saudi Arabia