Civilian protective masks model CM-6

Technical specifications

The CM-6 protective mask is a new type of full-face mask. The CM-6 mask fully complies with the requirements of EN 136, Class 3. Combined with a suitable filter or breathing apparatus, the mask provides protection of the face, eyes and respiratory organs against toxic gases, vapours and airborne particulate matter, harmful biological substances, radioactive dust, etc. The mask is intended for use in the industry in general and in the chemical and nuclear sectors in particular, in agriculture and in mining, and for use by civil defence units, fire brigades and police squads.

The CM-6 mask will perform reliably within the temperature region of -30 ˚C to +70 ˚C. The facepiece is made of chemically resistant and well tolerated BIIR-based rubber. The large-area panoramatic eyepiece, made of polycarbonate, provides perfect undistorted orientation in the field during normal activities.

The sealing line of the mask is designed to provide reliable air-tightness on faces of various size. The mask design enables the user to use electronic communication equipment. The mask is so designed that the filter can be mounted on the left or right side as required. A speech insert facilitates communication when using the mask.

The CM-6M version is equipped with a system for the intake of liquids.

The CM-6S mask is fitted with an internal mask made of transparent silicone rubber, featuring outstanding tolerability.

CM-6 ochranná maska


  • Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic – fire brigades, police
  • Parliament of the Czech Republic
  • Ministry of the Interior of Argentina
  • Ministry of Defence of Brazil
  • Ministry of the Interior of Estonia
  • Ministry of the Interior of Georgia
  • Ministry of Defence of Chile
  • Ministry of the Interior of Indonesia
  • Ministry of the Interior of Lebanon
  • Ministry of the Interior of Latvia
  • Ministry of the Interior of Portugal
  • Ministry of the Interior of Saudi Arabia
  • Industrial companies in Kuwait, Romania, Slovakia