Special car mats

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Gumárny Zubří offers a wide range of special car mats. Our offer includes more than 250 types of precisely fitting mats for both cars and utility vans.

The car mats are made of high-quality rubber and comply with all the necessary standards as concerns e.g. abrasion, odour, strength etc. We offer, as a standard, 4-piece sets on a plastic hanger with identification. The set can also consist in a different number of mats according to the type of car.

These special mats do not require any other modification as they copy the floor of the car, for which they are designed precisely. The peripheral elevated edge with a height of 12 mm will ensure perfect cleanliness of the interior of your car. We have strengthened the area at the driver's seat in order to extend the service life of the mats. The bottom side of the floor mat is provided with anti-slip spikes preventing the mat from moving inside the car. The mats are usually supplied in anthracite colour.

The design of our mats ensures that water and dirt remain on the mat rather than on the floor of your car. In addition to the classical grid design, we can offer modern styles.

We also offer boot mats and mats for tunnel covering for Škoda cars.

Alfa Romeo

DetailModelNumberNumber of parts
   Alfa Romeo 147 (2000-2010) 156 02 856 9 4
   Alfa Romeo 156 (1997-2005) 156 02 860 9 4
   Alfa Romeo 159 (2005-) 156 03 221 9 4
   Alfa Romeo GIULIETTA (2010-) 156 02 864 9 4